About EACC

Our mission


The Ecuadorian-American Cultural Center (EACC) is a 501c3 not-for-profit organization whose mission is to raise awareness of Ecuadorian culture through the arts and education.

Our vision is to see Ecuadorian-Americans as a proud, respected, and well-known community within the United States.

We offer programs and events to the community at low or no cost that allows us to highlight the richness and diversity of Ecuadorian culture. Also, we provide members of the
community with the necessary support to execute their projects. Most of these projects provide educational opportunities that enable our community to maximize its human potential.

About Ayazamana and the Ecuadorian American Cultural Center: Ayazamana was registered as a not-for-profit organization in the State of New York in 2009. It has since expanded exponentially and has now become the Ecuadorian American Cultural Center to reflect the variety of programs the organization now hosts and nurtures (including visual arts exhibits, adult education, music classes, dance groups and more). The name Ayazamana continues to represent our dance group and continues to grow each year. As the organization’s first and biggest program, its mission is to promote Ecuadorian culture and teach the new generations about our customs and traditions through dance. Ayazamana is also fundamental to our kids dance program Ă‘ukanchik Sapi. Throughout the years, various dancers have become teachers and teaching assistants to our younger students. This has allowed children to learn the fundamentals of Ecuadorian dance and given them a space where they can appreciate the culture of their country of origin.